Orange Lacewing Butterfly - P.O.T.D 25/08/2014

Cethosia penthesilea, commonly known as the Oranage Lacewing Butterfly, is a species of heliconiine butterfly. The adult butterflies announce their acquired toxicity with strong aposematic colours, warning off predators. 

This photo was taken at the Singapore airport Butterfly Garden, it was really nice of them to have such great attractions inside the airport which definitely kept me busy before boarding the plane. I shot this with the D800e and the micro-nikkor 200mm f/4 and a ring flash. It was dark at night and it was impossible to shoot without a flash, but luckily I brought mine with me and then it was a struggle to find these beautiful insects around the garden in complete darkness and then to get the focus right on their eyes and wings. It was definitely difficult to get these shots but the results were rewarding and I hope if you pass Singapore airport next time, be sure to check it out for yourself.