Cardboard Cathedral - P.O.T.D 05/01/2014

As most of you probably know, Christchurch suffered from a devastating earthquake 2011 and till now it is still a city in recovery. This is a one of the new icons that came out from this tragedy. The Cardboard Cathedral, also known as the Transitional Cathedral was built in 2013 after the earthquake and the tubes that are supporting its structure are made out of cardboard, hence its name. 

I have always enjoyed shooting architectures as they are amazing accomplishments of mankind. With the light rays coming through on one side, the dynamic range of this image is quite high, hence I have bracketed my shots and combined into a HDR image in post processing.

I hope if you have some time, find out more about Christchurch, it is an amazingly resilient city that offers nothing but joyful spirit and great people making the most from what happened.