Gymnast - P.O.T.D 26/09/2014

As a gymnast since a very young age, it is probably one of my favourite sports because of the combination of technicality, power and from. I enjoyed photographing sports because it gives you a different perspective in trying to see how impressive some athletes are in a different way.

This photo was taken with the d300 and the 18-200 lens. It was the kit that I started off with and I understand its limitation, so I have to worked out a different composition to make it work. I didn't have the range, so I decided to use the banner as a backdrop in the negative space to accompany the gymnast and after I got the composition that I want, it's just waiting for the right moment to happen and create that picture. So next time when your gear is putting some limitations on you, work on it but do save up for that next piece of gear that we all want!