Dawn - P.O.T.D 20/09/2014

Finally it paid off, getting a photo at this location with a slightly better background. I have been to this location numerous times, but more often than not the resulting image is not ideal. I tried it yesterday morning and they sky finally gave me some nice clouds to work with. This needless to say is the Sydney Opera House and I took this photo from the other end of circular quay for those who are interested. 

The settings were 2 minutes and 22 seconds exposure at f/8 and ISO 100. This was taken around 5:30 in the morning and I think they key to nice sunrise picture is to get there before sunrise, because that's when the colour is at its richest and you will be able to get some amazing colours if you are lucky. This shot is a testament to how luck favours the prepared, so don't just sit and wait at home for the picture to come to you, go out and create it today!