Moss - P.O.T.D 18/09/2014

Sunrise is one of my favourite thing to photograph just because of the serenity that you experience while watching the sun rising from the horizon. That feeling is quite amazing and I definitely would recommend it anyone to give it a try from time to time because that feeling is truly magical. 

This photo was taken at Turimetta Beach, one of my frequently visited location for sunrise because it is a massive beach, there are always different spots to shoot and also the weather is different every time. This is an HDR images with 4 shots, each with 1 stop exposure apart and fused together in post processing. I enjoy getting the image right in camera, but sometimes the dynamic range is just too high for your camera to capture, so HDR is a useful technique for those occasions. I hope you enjoyed the photo and feel free to check out my other P.O.T.D's here.