The Coathanger - P.O.T.D 06/09/2014

Sydney Harbour Bridge was built and opened in 1932 and it is the 6th longest spanning-arch bright in the world and it is the tallest. It is called the coathanger because of of its shape and it is one of the most famous Sydney landmark.

This photo was taken with the D800e and the 14-24mm f/2.8. I was there waiting for the sunrise as you can see a little bit flow in the bottom left corner. The light stream came from a boat passing by and I am so glad that I took 3 photos of it passing by because the final results is a stacked image of the 3 and it allows me to have that long trail of light without using an aperture too small that the images look soft. I think the moral behind this story is to be there early and shoot more. You never know when the other boat is going to pass by and you never know what you can do with multiple images, so keep shooting!