The Intersection - P.O.T.D 30/08/2014

In big cities we can often find landmarks and busy streets that looks very different in night time compare to day day. The Queen Victoria Building in Sydney is definitely one of them. Located next to George street, one of the busiest main streets in the city. The lighting of the building and the moving car lights shows the dynamic of the city even late at night.

This picture was taken the Nikon D800e with the 24-70mm f/2.8. I used ND filters for this because I want to increase the exposure time and this photo was exposed for 3 minutes. I used a long exposure in order to get the car brake lights from both roads of the intersection. I was lucky enough to have a couple in the centre of the frame staying relatively still throughout the exposure adding another layer to the photo. I hope you enjoy today's photo and you can check out the other ones here.