Hoiser Lane - P.O.T.D 29/08/2014

Melbourne, the second most populated city in Australia after Sydney. It has been ranked the world's most liveable city since 2011. With its lifestyle focus culture and urban vibe, it is home to a great collection of street art. Hoiser Lane, opposite the Federation square is definitely a place to visit if you have the chance to when you go by Melbourne. 

As the title suggested, this photo was taken at Hoiser Lane, Melbourne. The amazing street art and cafes are definitely attractions that cannot be missed. I created this picture because I want to introduce the dynamic vibe of the city. I used my x100s and the in built nd filter allows me to capture this image by allowing motion blur to add more depth to picture. Trying something different is always my goal and I think this is a good way to do so and besides it is much easier to include the people than trying to wait for an empty shot because it is always crowded. I hope you enjoyed the photo and feel free to share it or check out my other photo of the day!