Grand Lisboa - P.O.T.D 20/08/2014

Grand Lisboa is 258 meters high and shaped like a giant golden lotus flower, the official emblem of Macau. The design also owed its inspiration to a feather crown worn by a dancer, which symbolises the vitality of the entertainment business. The building embraces a golden egg shape base, which alludes to good fortune and prosperity. 


Macau, being the Las Vegas of the Asia Region, definitely brings lots of mega structure to life. I took this shot during my travel there and I used my X100s and I think the key to travel photography is to find perspectives that we so often missed. I saw this futuristic design canopy as I am walking out of the building and I have to stop to take a picture of it. So next time when you travel, make sure you keep your eyes open as you will never know what you can find.

Until Next Time!